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Plastic Steel Epoxy

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PoweBon 4 minutes rapid Plastic Steel Epoxy is two part epoxy adhesives. Resin and hardener are forced to mix and harden rapidly. After full hardening, it has excellent hardness and endure 650℉. It’s paintable, antirust, waterproof, resistant to most weak chemicals and has insulation property. You can mill, shave, sand and drill after it fully hardens.

It cures fast for quick metal to metal bonding and repairs, such gap filling, filling casting blister, water tank, oil tank, pipe, machine, mold, and many materials with cracks, breaks and holds, such as glass, stone, carbon, fiber, wood, fiberglass, crack of wall, marble leakage, electrical appliance, craft, adornment, model, fishing tackle, toy, auto parts.
  Item No.    Capacity    Carton Load
    3344    50g    12x20  pcs
     500g    36 Sets

PowerBon 4分鐘型塑膠是一種高分子(油灰狀)產品,AB兩劑強迫混合快速硬化,操作時間急迫,可在緊急情況下,快速修補黏合,完全硬化後,硬度特佳,耐高溫650℉,防水不生鏽,可抗大多數化學侵蝕。可行車鉎、削、磨、鑽,絕緣(不導電),可上漆。



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Plastic Steel Epoxy