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Wood Glue

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PowerBon for WOOD glue is a transparent gel with high strength adhesion. After hardening, it is hard but flexible with excellent waterproof feature. It can resist most chemicals. This product conforms to VOC standard and RoHS request, the content without toluene, formaldehyde and heavy metal. It will not cause environmental pollution.

Wooden furniture,  wooden molds,  wooden products,  rattan products, leather,  shoes,  canvas,  hair accessories,  decorations, paperboard.
   Item No.    Capacity    Carton Load
   1166     30ml    12x30 pcs

PowerBon 木質用透明強力接著劑是一種黏力超強透明凝膠狀。硬化後具高硬度又有彈性、防水性特佳、耐大多數化學物質。本產品無甲苯、無甲醛、無重金屬;符合VOC和RoHS規範;安心使用,不會造成環境汙染。



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Wood Glue