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Wood White Glue

代碼 0503

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PowerBon wood glue is water base resins which conform to green building materials and environment friendly. It is easy work, non-corrosive, odorless and safe, even you work in closed space. After hardening, it is waterproof, endure heat, resist, and even contact water, it also offer nice tensile strength without apart.

Apply to woodwork of building and decoration. Fully hardening, it is elasticity and can absorb floor shock, noise elimination. Ideal for jointing, fix tenon, floorboards, plywood, fiberboards, Melamine boards, cabinet, paper, cloth, bathroom, kitchen water, table, chair, wickerwork.
   Item No.    Capacity    Carton Load
   0503    120g    12x30   pcs

PowerBon 防水乳膠是一種環保水性樹脂,符合綠色建材,操作施工容易安全,無腐蝕性、無臭味、再密閉室內施工安全。




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Wood White Glue