Black & White Construction Adhesives  |Consturction Adhesives <br/>建築用膠

Black & White Construction Adhesives

代碼 4686

人氣 1010


It is a high molecular product which two components were forced mixture, curing with medium speed and has enough time to work. It solvent free and environment friendly, conform with VOC, RoHS standard. Fully curing, waterproof, no rust, no cracks, no shrinkage, resistant most chemical, insulation, paintable and endures temperature -30 ~ 130℃.

Use on:
For the task of repair and adhesion, such as metal, marble, ceramic, tile, glass, concrete, metal, wood, carbon fiber, fiberglass, calcium silicate board and fiber.

How to use:
1. For the best strength, roughen the surface with sandpaper. Make sure the surface are dry & clean, free from oil.
2. Take out equal amount of A & B, mixing it to uniform color. [ Wrong ratio will be caused curing incomplete. ]
3. Mixing on the plate. Prohibit mixing on the treatment surface. (Separate using  tools of A and B for avoid mutual contact)
4. Complete strength will be reached after 24 hours [ The temperature below 15℃ the curing time will be longer ]。
   Item No.      Packing    Carton Load
   4686      1gallon set    12 sets/carton
   1005      1Liter set    12 sets/carton

PowerBon® B環氧樹脂黑白糊是一種無溶劑型環保產品,符合VOC、ROHS規範,A/B兩劑強迫混合中等速度硬化,操作時間充裕,固化後防水、不生鏽、不龜裂、不收縮、可抗大多數化學侵蝕,絕緣(不導電),可上漆、耐溫250℉。

適合用途 :
金屬、任何石材、大理石、瓷磚、陶瓷、玻璃、玻璃纖維、碳纖維、矽酸鈣板、合板、木材、水泥牆 … 等,修補黏合。

使用方法 :
1. 為了最好接著黏合,請確保接著處乾燥及潔淨。光滑表面接著處,需處理粗糙後再上膠水,才能達到最佳接著強度。
2. 取出同等量A/B兩劑,均勻攪拌混合。[混合比例 1 比1,誤差大或混合不均勻會造成硬化不良。
3. A劑與B劑的攪拌請務必在調合板上操作,嚴禁在接著面上混合攪拌。[A劑與B劑盛取工具必需分開使用]。
4. 最佳黏合強度須經24小時。[氣溫低於15 ℃以下則硬化時間較長]。


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Black & White Construction Adhesives