Workable Under Water Epoxy Putty  |Epoxy Resin  <br/>環氧樹脂

Workable Under Water Epoxy Putty

代碼 3382

人氣 735


Repairs in  Emergency is a two-part epoxy putty stick. Mixes quickly and hardens rapidly. It can be used underwater, damp surfaces or weak chemical solvents. It has excellent hardness, endures 650℉, waterproof, insulation, resistant to most chemicals when fully cured.

Metal, PVC, stone, fiberglass. Repairs in emergency, seals cracks and breaks in tanks, drums, plumbing, fill hole of machinery and equipment.

   Item No.    Capacity    Carton
   3368    50g    12x20 sets
   3375    100g    12x20 sets
   3382    500g    36  sets


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Workable Under Water Epoxy Putty