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High Flexible Acrylic Sealant

代碼 3160

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PowerBon High Flexible sealant is a water base of acrylic synthetic resin. It is eco-friendly formula, easy work, and non-corrosive, odorless, safe, difficult to form mildew. Excellent adhesion. Highly flexible. Non-tearing. Paintable. Good water& weather resistance. Low shrinkage. Cut down on coating times. No cracks.

Use on                        
PowerBon High-Flexible Paintable All Purpose Sealant can be used to filled crack at cement wall, and many joints of partition, such as light-gage partition wall, brick, tile, marble, wood …etc.  The cured sealant is able to paint. (As many kinds of coating material, prior suitability assessment / test of adhesion strength and crack is needed)
   Item No.    Capacity    Carton Load
   3160    300ml    25 pcs




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High Flexible Acrylic Sealant