Water Repellent & Universal Protector  |Aerosol Produc <br/>t 噴霧罐產品.

Water Repellent & Universal Protector

代碼 2385

人氣 225


Water Repellent  & Universal Protector which applied to treatment (such as cloth, leather, paper...etc.) can form a strong surface tension protective shield and persist breathable, so that the object can achieve water repellent, resist oil & dirt then easily clean in future. Long-term use can prevent mold and decrease object oxidation.

Suitable for sport shoes, cloth shoes, leather shoes, after fully spray on shoes insole/outside, the shoes difficult to cling sweat and moisture, so that insole easy to dry, breathable and comfortable.
Textile, GORE-TEX materials and functional clothing, hats, bags, backpacks, mattresses (to prevent children bed-wetting and water uneasy permeate the mattress.), non-woven products, cotton goods, curtain textile, carpets, sofas, tablecloth, tent, suede, leather goods, handicrafts and paper.…etc.


PowerBon 撥水、防污易潔劑

PowerBon 撥水、防濕易潔劑噴塗後能滲入,布、皮革、紙…等材質形成表面張力撥水保護層及保留原材質透氣性,並保護被噴塗物件不易受油、髒污汙垢附著,日後也好清洗,長期使用撥水、防濕易潔劑可預防發霉和延緩物件氧化。




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Water Repellent & Universal Protector