Metal Polish , Remove Rust 120g  |Cleaner & Maintain <br/>清潔保養系列

Metal Polish , Remove Rust 120g

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Remove rust:
Metalwork of copper, silver, aluminum, electroplating and stainless steel, knife, scissors, tools, table, chair, leisure products (golf pole), ski article, stainless steel railing, door, window, elevator, sink, washbasin, faucet, towel hanger, pipe, machine, display shelf, advertise signboard, car, motorcycle, bike ( motorcycle wheel, handle)…etc. Use this product once can remove rust, clean dirt, polish, maintain anti-rust and shine that will show magically effect.

Clean dirt:
Get rid of dirty stain from gas stove, pot, bathtub, refrigerator, and washing machine.




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Metal Polish , Remove Rust 120g