Gel Nail Construction Adhesives產品圖
Gel Nail Construction Adhesives

代碼: 1302
Sanitary Sealant產品圖
Sanitary Sealant

代碼: 1630

代碼: 2989
Acid Silicone Sealant產品圖
Acid Silicone Sealant

代碼: 3139
High Flexible Acrylic Sealant產品圖
High Flexible Acrylic Sealant

代碼: 3160
Neutral Silicone Sealant產品圖
Neutral Silicone Sealant

代碼: 3818
Black & White Construction Adhesives產品圖
Black & White Construction Adhesives

代碼: 4686
Spray  Nail  450ml (for construction)產品圖
Spray Nail 450ml (for construction)

代碼: NB03313
Repair Epoxy  Putty  per kelio set產品圖
Repair Epoxy Putty per kelio set

It works well on repair cracks, fill holes, waterproof, leakproof, fiberboard, plywood, plasterboard, wood, tile, stone, concrete wall.

代碼: NE00473
Anti-Rust Lubricant產品圖
Anti-Rust Lubricant

6in1 lubricate, penetrate, loosens drives out moisture and protect all mechanical and electrical parts from corrosion.

代碼: 1159
Aerosol Lithium Grease產品圖
Aerosol Lithium Grease

Aerosol Lithium Grease

代碼: 1173
Sticker & Asphalt Remover產品圖
Sticker & Asphalt Remover

Remove Sticker, Asphalt, Dirt, Chewing Gum

代碼: 2309
Water Repellent & Universal Protector產品圖
Water Repellent & Universal Protector

代碼: 2385

It is easy to operate. Good bonding strength, damp resistant, waterproof, and can be cut, sanded, plaster or painted. CFC free

代碼: 2972
No Rinsing Required Air Conditioner Refresher Cleaner產品圖
No Rinsing Required Air Conditioner Refresher Cleaner

No rinsing required. Air conditioner Refresher cleaner. Sterilization. Deodorization. Decomposition smoke

代碼: 0688
All Purpose Foaming Cleaner產品圖
All Purpose Foaming Cleaner

代碼: 0695
Shine Helper產品圖
Shine Helper

代碼: 1111
Metal Polish , Remove Rust 120g產品圖
Metal Polish , Remove Rust 120g

代碼: 1128
Oil Remover產品圖
Oil Remover

代碼: 1326
Beauty Keep產品圖
Beauty Keep

work well on surfaces of leather, vinyl leather, plastic, rubber, coated wood. Cleaning, anti-mildew, stain removed, maintenance,Shining is done at a time.

代碼: 2156
Glazing Cleaner  Stainless Surface Polish產品圖
Glazing Cleaner Stainless Surface Polish

代碼: 2934
Metal Polish產品圖
Metal Polish

for cleaning, removes rush, shines and maintains the metal surface.

代碼: 3993
穩好洗.免水沖.冷氣清潔劑400ml 贈萬用清潔劑(超值組)產品圖
穩好洗.免水沖.冷氣清潔劑400ml 贈萬用清潔劑(超值組)

●噴霧瓶設計、好拿不沾手 ●深層清潔、分解髒汙 ●提升冷氣使用效率 ●免沖洗、省荷包不需請專人清潔 ●除臭、無殘留

代碼: NC00688-1
Mildwe Stain Remover 120g產品圖
Mildwe Stain Remover 120g

jelly mildew remover with low pungent smell, special powerfully permeation formula, snap and strong penetration inside the mildew. Because it is jellylike so it can cover stubborn dirt and completely remove mildew.

代碼: NC00701