Contact Cement產品圖
Contact Cement

代碼: 2255
Universal Transparent Contact Adhesive產品圖
Universal Transparent Contact Adhesive

代碼: 3047
Craft Glue產品圖
Craft Glue

代碼: 3269
Plastic Steel Epoxy產品圖
Plastic Steel Epoxy

代碼: 3344
Repair Adhesives產品圖
Repair Adhesives

waterbase resin, conform to green building materials. Easy work, non-corrosive, odorless and safe. waterproof, good tensile strength

代碼: 4273
Leather Adhesive產品圖
Leather Adhesive

代碼: 5225
Spray Paint產品圖
Spray Paint

For painting on metal, motorcycle, car, bike, wood, stone,

代碼: 4198
特價: 99
售價: 129
Epoxy Adhesives  Rapid curing產品圖
Epoxy Adhesives Rapid curing

代碼: 2996
90 Minutes Epoxy Adhesives產品圖
90 Minutes Epoxy Adhesives

代碼: 3016
Epoxy Adhesives GEL non-drop產品圖
Epoxy Adhesives GEL non-drop

代碼: 3351
Workable Under Water Epoxy Putty產品圖
Workable Under Water Epoxy Putty

代碼: 3382
All purpose Epoxy putty產品圖
All purpose Epoxy putty

代碼: 3436
Spray Adhesives產品圖
Spray Adhesives

All-purpose Spray Adhesive provide fast bond, strong tack, high coverage, and is easy to use.

代碼: 0077
Virbration Resistance產品圖
Virbration Resistance

High viscosity. It is cab be used where vibration resistance is need.

代碼: 0138

代碼: 3184
Super Glue GEL產品圖
Super Glue GEL

代碼: 3207
Neutral Silicone Sealant產品圖
Neutral Silicone Sealant

代碼: 1548
Sanitary Silicone產品圖
Sanitary Silicone

代碼: 3528