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    Spray Paint

    Spray Paint

    Use for:
    for painting on metal, motorcycle, car, bike, wood, stone, (Not to use as paint for the building.)




     HOW TO USE:
    1.     The wearing of protective gloves & mask is recommended. Before using, shake can well at least 30seconds, let solution mixed well.
    2.     Do not spray in rain or humid air.
    3.     Ensure surface is clean & dry. If have rust, clean with sandpaper. If have deep scrap mark, use repair putty to fill.
    4.     Keep a distance for about 20cm from the surface to spray on. Spray a thin coat on the surface once 10 minutes. After it dries, repeat the same step again and again. Several thin coats are better than a heavy coat.
    5.     If performance is not good, please immediately clean with rosin solution or banana oil.
    6.     If lacquer is completely dry. Use #128 varnish to improve the shine.
    1.     請戴保護手套和口罩再適當通風處使用。使用前,用力搖動30秒至漆混合均勻。
    2.     請再晴天使用,下雨天或陰濕天氣,易吸收濕氣失去光澤。
    3.     噴塗使用前,確保噴塗面乾燥及潔淨,鐵鏽請用細砂紙清除,刮痕較深處用補土補平再噴塗。
    4.     距離被噴塗物品20CM處,用食指壓下噴塗來回噴塗。採用多次噴法,每隔10分鐘噴上薄薄一層,效果比一次完成更加美觀。
    5.     萬一施工噴塗失敗,立刻香焦水或松香水擦拭再噴塗。
    6.     噴塗完可搭配128透明亮光漆再噴塗提昇亮度,數日後再用醋拋光。

    Packing: 400ml