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    No Rinsing Required Air Conditioner Refresher Cleaner

    No Rinsing Required Air Conditioner Refresher Cleaner

    Nano Silver ions can cut bacteria growth.                    Clean dirt & fungus. Deodorize musty.
    Improve air quality in the air conditioner room.             Enhance airflow efficiency.

    FOR                                            :
    Get rid of dust mites, mold, and allergens. Antibacterial, deodorizing, decomposition smoke, clean deeply dirt. After cleaning your air conditioner will cool faster, thus saving electricity, to form a protective layer enhances air conditioner airflow efficiency. You will also experience cleaner and fresher air from your air conditioner.

    How to Clean Air-Conditioner:
    1. Make waterproofing step on electronic parts, panel.  Make sure the power from your unit is disconnected first!  (Turn off all power first!) Remove filter and wash away dust.
    2. Shake bottle well before use.
    3. Brush surface of the cooling fins. Spray PowerBon Air-Conditioner Resher Cleaner onto cooling fins horizontally from top to bottom. After foam disappeared, wait more 15 minutes, then can turn on the power.  
    4. Product will penetrate onto cooling fins. Dirt liquid will excrete to air-conditioner drain. Replace the cleaned filter back to position. Set to dry more than 30 minutes then switch on air conditioner.  

       Item No.    Capacity    Carton
       0688    400ml    24pcs



    注意事項                     此商品適用排水機型、不滴水機型、構造不同請勿使用。施工使用前一定要斷電源,勿噴於電子、電路系統元件及會產生靜電處。